To bring understanding of wellness and life with motivation by creating awareness of each person's thriving potential. To empower individuals with self-certainty by combining the physical, mental, and spiritual self in achieving life goals.



Classes & Teachers


The event will include Presentations by Speakers that are experts in Fitness, Nutrition, Meditation, and Wellness. In addition to the presentations we will hold wellness and fitness classes that will add overall wellness to the summit.



.Core Development and Functional  Mobility (active workshop) with Sherman Rosier

This will be an interactive fitness workshop that help you better understand core and functional fitness.


Functional Movement:

 Movements based on real-life, day to day situation, such as a mother carrying and tending to her child, or an adult playing a round of golf. Functional movements are multi-planner and multi-joint actions. These actions are anchored by the body's core musculature, which are the axis for functional movement.  Stability

of movement is 100% dependent on the core musculature. 


Any functional action requires mobility with stability, because unstable movement puts us at risk of injury.



Stretching for the Desk Worker (active workshop) with Christina Raymond

Nina will teach you how to stretch and strengthen upper body, neck, arms/wrists/fingers to alleviate tight muscles associated with text neck, computer use, poor posture, whiplash, stroke, kyphosis, migraines, trigger finger, carpal tunnel.


Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening: The Mattes Method (www.stretchingusa.com) is a 2 second moving stretch, repeated 5 to 10 times to increase blood, lymph and nerve circulation, help release scar tissue and impingement of nerves, improve upper body posture flexibility (mobility) and athletic performance.


AIS is a Do-It-Yourself modality.You are encouraged to bring your own rope/strap/belt (around 6 feet long) to assist yourself. After learning the stretches, you may continue on your own; Mattes’ stretching (Mattes, 2014, $25) and strength (Mattes, 2006, $30) books showing exercises for the entire body will be for sale.


Christina “Nina” Raymond, LMT (MA39331) provides assisted AIS private sessions and small classes at Fit and Functional. She also is an assistant instructor at Aaron Mattes' stretching seminars.


Breathing & Laughter Session with Fatimah Zaid , RYT 200+, Lifestyle

Coach and Fitness Instructor

She will share with us why there is a correlation for breathing and laughter and its affect on our overall health and  wellbeing. As well, she will share some Yoga Asanas which can assist in this effort.